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LBF Acting Academy

LBF  Actors provide a range of learning platforms within LBF Acting Academy.  Actors who access LBF classes & workshops are represented by LBF Actors.   If you're wanting to enroll in a workshop, but are not represented by LBF Actors, just email Liz BF to set up a meeting to discuss prospective representation.

Intro Workshop:  Actors 5 - 17yrs who join the agency, participate in an Intro Workshop focused on improvisation, acting & audition skills.  This workshop is fundamental as it gives us insight into the current ability & skills of the actor, what roles they're ready for and what development they need in order to progress.  Actors work in front of camera during these sessions.  Current actors can also attend these workshops as a Refresher to recharge and fortify skills and retain a connection between ACTOR & AGENT. They're held at the beginning of every term. 

LBF Acting Academy:  Acting for Camera Classes for LBF Actors wanting to learn & develop in-depth skills, technique & accents.  Held on Saturdays, x 8 sessions throughout term-time.

Five Learning Platforms:  

  • Novice 7-9yrs
  • Apprentice 10-12yrs
  • Apprentice Advanced 10-12yrs
  • Journey 13-15yrs
  • Journey Advanced 15-17yrs

Teaching Content Includes:   

  • Improvisation
  • Standard American Accent
  • Intensive Scene Work
  • Acting & Audition Techniques
  • Stage & Screen Combat